07 February 2008

Helpful hints from Nahani

I have admired Peter Thorne and Helen Vorrath's yacht Nahani for several years and always hoped that I would get a chance to come aboard for a sail.

My opportunity arose during the first week in February, Peter and Helen invited me to join them on a cruise from Hobart down the D'Entrecasteau Channel to Recherche Bay and back. We had a great time and I was really spoilt - I am not used to being treated more as guest than galley slave. Take care, I could get hooked on the easy life. Nahani is the most comfortable and well equipped yacht I have ever been aboard. The whole week was a joy. Thanks.

Of course when I arrived I was bursting to tell Peter and Helen about Little Dragon, I had agreed to buy her a few days earlier. I didn't know (or had forgotten) that they had owned a trailer sailer before buying Nahani.

Peter had a copy of Whitworth's catalogue and he spent many hours advising me on what I needed to purchase. It was a great help as everything has changed since I owned a catamaran in the 1950s! Luckily for me perusing chandler's catalogues seems to be one of Peter's hobbies. I was like blotting paper soaking it all up! Thanks again.

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