28 January 2008

It all began in Buff Point Central Coast NSW

Last Christmas I took the plunge - I decided to buy a trailer-sailer. During January I spent many hours on the net researching my options. I wanted a boat that would sail well, be manageable by a senior citizen with one crew and, vitally, be light enough to trail behind my 2 litre Subaru Forrester. I settled on a Farr 5000 as first choice but I was willing to look at other options such as a Careel 18. Most of the boats I fancied were built in the 1980s but I reckoned great - more affordable.

Next came the buying phase and I found 3 for sale on the net - all in Central Coast NSW. The Australia Day weekend found me hurtling round the Central Coast in a little hire car checking them out. The first two looked more than a little tired then, just before dusk, I saw Little Dragon. It was love at first sight. She is gorgeous. Of course I tried to remain level headed and take a responsible approach to the outboard motor and trailer (I knew very little about either) but I was hooked and asked for a test sail the next day. Jan Davis (a friend from Greens NSW) came out with me on a rather hilarious test sail. Neither the mainsail or the jib were set and the rudder jammed down. The previous owner was more of a fisherman than a sailor. However she did not sink and I decided that the problems were easily fixed. So I clinched the deal and arranged to return a month later to trail her back to the Northern Rivers.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was exciting all right, wrestling the rudder from the water, engine running, me steering, trying not to run aground, but a magic little craft!
Jan Davis