06 June 2008

Little Dragon goes to Woodford

"The Dreaming" is Australia's international indigenous festival held annually at Woodford over the June long weekend.

Jenny Gray and Rob Watson,, Rae Wills and sisters, friends and me, as in previous years planned to set up camp together. Jenny and Rob camping in their well equipped transit van, Rae in her new tent and me in Little Dragon. After all, why shouldn't I use her as accommodation? It's much snugger than a tent and I have my own ensuite (aka a port-a-l00.)

I arrived early and secured a prime camp site. While I waited for the others to arrive I found that Little Dragon was a magnet for kids. They seemed to view her as an adventure playground. Adults produced a range of rather predictable wisecracks like "expecting a flood?"

The first photo shows me arriving and I am pleased to report that the organisers didn't bat an eyelid at my unusual camping arrangements.

The second photo shows our camp - I wish I could claim that the tepee was ours but that wouldn't be true.
The third photo is of Jenny, Rob, Rae and I having breakfast before Jenny and I sallied forth for another day of festival going and the others went off to their stint of volunteer work.

The last photo is of Gertrude Kurtz and me just fooling around on Little Dragon.

Festivals at Woodford seem to attract rain and the whole area turns into a sea of mud and this year was no exception. Little Dragon kept me well out of the mud. Best of all I found that I could even make an early morning cup of tea on my single burner stove in the cockpit without leaving the cabin - luxury!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole festival, great atmosphere and excellent performances.

Initially I felt I had to justify my eccentricity by explaining that I was going to drive north to Hervey Bay and go sailing after the festival, but as time went on I relaxed as it seemed that other festival goers felt that Little Dragon added to the festive atmosphere.

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