01 March 2008

Brunch to celebrate the arrival of Little Dragon

I was so excited when I finally "moored" Little Dragon on the street outside my house that I wanted to show her off to all my friends immediately. So I invited all those who had expressed interest to an impromptu brunch on Saturday 1 March. I should be honest and admit that I had an ulterior motive - the reason that Little Dragon was in the road not my back yard was that I didn't feel competent to drive her in!

Thank you so much Terry Crowe for demonstrating such phenomenal backing skills. I'll never get that good. The first photo shows us all watching her arrival at her "mooring" in my back yard.

Here Terry is showing me how the jib furler works - I had never used one before.
Terry and Cheryl own a trailer sailer and Richard Flavell is a professional boat builder - so their advice was (and I hope will continue to be)invaluable.

Finally thank you to all my friends, especially those of you who volunteered to crew. I can't launch and sail her on my own.

I started to feel like I was captain of my ship - even if I was only surveying my back garden not yet the ocean.

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