30 August 2008

Wind - too little then too much

I have rejoined the Big River Sailing Club and had been looking forward to the start of their new season on the 30th August. However the coastal weather forecast predicted virtually no wind for the Saturday and far too much for the Sunday - up to a full gale. So I didn't even bother to trail Little Dragon to Harwood.

As I was in the area for other purposes I dropped in and sat on the verandah with the local sailors. There really wasn't any wind. The kids had their dinghies rigged, but it wasn't worth bothering to launch. The veterans kept saying that wind "had to come soon" - but it didn't. The following day, as forecast, the wind was howling. No-one was stupid enough to venture out.

The last photo shows my new sun awning. It is still a work in progress but I hope that it will have several uses; keep us from burning when at anchor, mean we can boil the billy in the cockpit even when it is raining and finally enable us to keep dry in the cabin without the hatch cover.

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Anonymous said...

The awning looks very shipshape, can't wait to try it out!