08 September 2008

Skiving off on a Monday

Although I have been retired several years I can't get over the feeling that it is particularly decadent to skive off sailing on a Monday.

Keith Mountford (yet another Stingray ocean swimmer) works weekends. As the weather looked good for Monday I took the opportunity to invite him and Cathy out for a sail at Ballina.

The photos show my crew concentrating on sailing Little Dragon while I loll back looking somewhat smug and contented - which I was.

We tacked up the Richmond River against a strong flood tide taking 2 hours to get from Fisheries Creek to Mobbs Bay where we anchored for a lunch time cuppa and then a fast run back.

As always I am totally reliant on this seemingly bottomless pit of ocean swimmers who also fancy a spot of crewing. My continued thanks to you all and today Keith and Cathy in particular.

Each time we venture out I gain a little more confidence and I am really looking forward to some more overnight cruises. It is a bit of a chore setting up and packing up for just a few hours sailing.

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neil&lorraine said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I will be home in 3 weeks time! Maybe I can join the bottomless pit of swimmers eager to try thoier hands at sailing !?